Community Relations

First Hydro Company places high priority on its role as a patron for a wide range of initiatives that benefit local communities, education, sport, the arts and the environment.

First Hydro Company Sponsorships & Donations Policy

(1) We will devote the majority of the sponsorship and donations budget on activities whose principal effect will be to benefit the local communities in which we operate.

(2) We will administer sponsorship and donations, and help 'in kind' in the following areas:

  • Educational programmes.
  • Culture and the Arts.
  • Environmental initiatives.
  • Health and Sport.
  • Supporting the efforts of our staff in community based projects.
  • We will also support activities geared to helping the disabled play a full part in the above.

(3) Unless specifically approved by the First Hydro Company Management Team, support will not normally be given to:

  • Individuals (except in exceptional circumstances).
  • National charities (unless full proceeds are for local benefit).
  • Expeditions and trips.
  • Support advertising. Political,
  • Military or religious organisations.


Sponsorships/donations will be approved by the Match Funding, Sponsorship and Donations Committee, who meet monthly to review any requests received.

Measuring the value of Sponsorships & Donations to First Hydro Company

Value is added to First Hydro Company through improving relationships with and the co-operation of individuals, community groups and local businesses.

Measuring the benefits of sponsorships and donations is difficult, but may include:

  • Estimating the number of individuals who benefit.
  • Press coverage.
  • Stimulating visits to the power stations.
  • Increased exposure/awareness amongst the local community.
  • Maintenance of good relationships with local communities.
  • Maintain low numbers of external complaints.

Additionally this type of community work can be seen as First Hydro Company's contribution to sustainable development.

Community Relations Summary

First Hydro Company has sponsored local outdoor events such as the Snowdonia Marathon, Slateman Triathlon, the Snowdon Race etc. Events such as these attract a wide range of athletes and are regarded as a few of the most demanding events, as well as bringing an extra bonus to local businesses.

Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife Centre, near Porthmadog was set up in 2013 as a community interest company to continue the work of protecting breeding ospreys in the Glaslyn Valley. First Hydro Company was pleased to make a financial contribution in order for this centre to purchase an AED (Defib) for the Visitor Centre.

In addition, First Hydro was also pleased to be able to offer help and support to other local groups such as : Snowdonia Slate Trail, Mynydd Llandegai Memorial Hall, Dinorwig 69 Slate Museum, Curiad Calon Lleol, Theatr Bara Caws Caernarfon and Nant Conwy Rugby Club Llanrwst to name just a few of the 32 or so clubs, groups and projects supported by First Hydro Company in 2019.