Refurbishment Updates

3/4/18 - Detailed plans will now be developed and we look forward to sharing these with you over the coming months

20/4/18 - Details on the Planning Application for Redevelopment of Electric Mountain Visitor Centre

Planning Application for Redevelopment - PDF Copy

Planning Application for Redevelopment - Word Copy

3/5/18 - Refurbishment Leaflet

Refurb Leaflet A5

03/5/18 - A planning application has recently been approved by Gwynedd Council for the construction of a temporary visitor centre building and alterations to the existing visitor centre car park. The temporary visitor centre is required in order to ensure that the Visitor Centre power station tour function can continue to operate whilst the proposed refurbishment works are taking place

Proposed Site Plan

Press Release 4th May 2018

Press Release 4th May

01/9/18 - Refurbishment Project

The Electric Mountain Visitor Centre will shortly be undergoing some major refurbishment. In preparation for this, our tour operations and retail area will cease operating on Friday 14th September 2018. Due to operational circumstances however, the Café will close from Thursday 30th August 2018.

13/09/18 - ATM Machine

In line with the planned refurbishment of the Electric Mountain Visitor Centre, the Barclays ATM machine located at the Visitor Centre will be removed next week. There are three alternative ATM machines in Llanberis located at 'One Stop', the SPAR and opposite Pete's Eats on the High Street

14/09/18 - Last Day

Today was our last day open to the public. As we go into project phase, we have closed our doors whilst we clear and prepare to handover to the construction team. Electric Mountain will recommence public tours in April 2019, keep checking back here on our website. During the project phase you can still contact us. Diane and Ana are available as follows if you have any questions

Diane, Centre Manager 01286 873025
Ana, Tour Team Leader 01286 873020

January 2019 - Redevelopment Update

Follow the link to see our latest updates Refurb Update January 2019

February 2019 - Temporary Building installation in our car park

March 24th 2019 - The Electric Mountain team start moving into the temp build

April 1st 2019 - We open our doors to the temp building and welcome back our tour visitor for another season!

June 2019 - Refurbishment Update

The Electric Mountain Visitor Centre refurbishment has recently been put out to competitive tender by First Hydro Company. A key component of the tender process is that it ensures local contractors based in North Wales have an opportunity to compete for the work and enables the construction project to be delivered at the best possible value. Site investigation works have recently been completed with the review showing that additional work will be required to improve roof insulation. Construction will begin once the tender process has concluded and contracts agreed. First Hydro remains committed to the renovation of the Visitor Centre, creating a modern, appealing visitor attraction with facilities better-suited to the needs of the community. If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact

Renovation Works Update - September 2019

The Electric Mountain Visitor Centre (EMVC) refurbishment, which aims to create a modern visitor attraction in Llanberis, was put out to competitive tender by First Hydro Company in June. The tender exercise is now complete and bids have been received from construction suppliers. The project team is now thoroughly assessing the financial & technical information relating to the refurbishment and this latest stage is anticipated to take up to two months. Once this assessment is concluded a decision on the next steps for the refurbishment project will be made. The season of 2019 EMVC tours is due to end on 27th September and the temporary EMVC will close on this date. The temporary buildings will then begin to be decommissioned in the following week. Once the buildings are removed, traffic markings in the EMVC car park will then be returned to a standard 'clockwise' flow. If you have any questions regarding the EMVC refurbishment project please do not hesitate to contact

January Refurbishment Update 2020

The Electric Mountain Visitor Centre is currently closed for refurbishment. The team are continuing to consider all aspects of the proposed refurbishment project and are undertaking a thorough assessment of the financial and technical information. The energy performance specifications of the building are also being considered carefully in line with First Hydro and ENGIE's strategic aims.Further details of the project and projected timings are expected to become known in the New Year and further updates will be issued as we progress.If there are any questions, or you would like to speak with one of the team, please do contact us